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Our Story

 Our Story

Mykel & Charles Barthelemy, successful business owners,  are one of the most admired and  hottest couples in Buckhead, Atlanta GA. Happily married  & soulmates who found each other after years and years of singleness and loneliness, Mykel and Charles met each other organically, while living in the same luxury apartment building.  Charles was a successful Commercial Banker and bachelor who swore he would never marry and Mykel was a successful business woman and divorced mother of 3 who didn’t care if she ever got married again.  Both came from a background of failed relationships and losing in love. 

When they met, they both saw an opportunity to take a chance on love and consequentually, realized they were the love of one another’s lives! After 2 years of dating, Charles popped the question and the rest is history!  Charles and Mykel are bestfriends, lovers, business partners and are totally inseperable! Now teaching singles, both men and women, how to break the cycle of singleness, dating mistakes and how to attract the love of your life! Charles teaches from a man’s perspective and Mykel teaches from a woman’s perspective. 

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Lonely No More PowerClasses

Lonely No More

PowerClasses For Singles

Pay Per View On-Demand Videos

7 Classes Available!

Starting Feburary 7th!

 All Day Every Day.  Upon registration of selected classes, you will be able to instantly view classes on demand on their own pages!

Lonely No More Power Classes On-Demand Class Descriptions

PowerClasses are in the form of  Instant Access Pay-Per-View On-Demand Videos. Bookmark pages for later viewing if applicable.  Payment receipt emailed via Paypal. No refunds are allowed. 


  • Power Class 1

    How To Turn On Your Natural Attraction

    Natural Attraction, OR Mate Magnet  is an insanely powerful law of nature which, mostly subconsciously, we all obey. There are ways to create attraction with the opposite sex, that you likely aren’t even aware of.  (Read More)

    ONLINE NOW! Pay-Per-View Only $1.00!
  • Power Class 2

    Overcoming Fears and Rejection & Re-Build Your Confidence!

    You may feel undesirable, uninteresting and pessimistic about the prospect of finding love. However, you can overcome the fear of rejection and develop a healthier level of self-confidence. (Read More)

  • Power Class 3

    Beating Out "The Competition"

    If you are interested in a handsome man or beautiful woman… You are NOT the only one! Understand that there is competition! Your love interest may already be seeing or dating someone else.  What would make YOU stand out? (Read More)

  • Power Class 4

    How to Spot a "Winner" and "The One"

    Looks can be deceiving.  When you first meet someone, oftentimes, you are meeting their representative, and not the real “them”.  We’ve found the HACK on how to create the “KNOWER” in your gut to detect a winner and a keeper (Read More)

  • Power Class 5

    What Men Want, What Women Want

    Knowing What They Want Is Key.  Learning the opposite sex is very important because when you enter into a real relationship, it’s about give and take.  To find out what both men and women want (Read More)

  • Power Class 6

    Connecting Successfully With The Opposite Sex

    Connecting on an emotional level is the glue that bonds couples together, yet it seems to be the missing link. Our culture that is controlled by commercialism, has created superficial imagery in terms of what both sexes want. (Read More)

  • Power Class 7

    How To Turn a DATE into a RELATIONSHIP

    Okay, so you’ve attracted the person you want. You have gone on multiple dates, and things are going well. You really like this person and want to move forward in a possible relationship, but you kind of feel like you are stuck (Read More)